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Nesting Numbers

Nesting season is coming to a close, but not without record nesting numbers! Take a look at last summer’s nests compared with this past summer’s nests on the beaches near the Aquarium: [table id=8 /] In fact, Fort Fisher had 33 more nests than its previous high record back in 2012. High ... Read More
October 1, 2015



Summer Vacation

Summer is around the corner. Sea turtles are already coming ashore to lay nests. You can keep track of how many nests are laid in your area using Seaturtle.org's nesting data base. Here are links to current nests near the Aquarium: Carolina Beach: 1 nest Kure Beach: 2 nests Fort Fisher: 8 nests Bald Head: ... Read More
June 4, 2015


My name is Carla and I am a North Carolina Park Ranger at Carolina Beach State Park. As a child I was always playing outside no matter what the weather was like. There were no cell phones or X-Boxes at that time. We had to create our own entertainment. I spent ... Read More
December 11, 2014