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You may have heard about all of the cold-stunned turtles rescued off of North Carolina’s coast in early January. There were as many as 600 sea turtles in need of help after becoming cold-stunned. The NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher is lending a helping hand to the sea turtle rescue efforts by caring for 11 sick sea turtles. Because sea turtles ... Read More
January 28, 2016Casey Radley


Welcome back and Happy New Year! Our first 2016 blog post features exciting news off the North Carolina coast recently discovered from this past summer’s nesting season. If you remember, last summer we had a record-breaking nesting season. There were 1,296 reported sea turtle nests. Two of those nests were laid by a critically endangered hawksbill sea turtle. This is ... Read More
January 21, 2016Casey Radley
Ms Lautens class


For our last blog post of the year, we bring you a special guest writer. This week we are hearing from Ms. Lausten, a teacher from Virginia who is kind enough to share her experience using the Sea Turtle Exploration curriculum in her fourth grade classroom. Last fall I was lucky enough to walk into a session at the National Science Teachers Association regional ... Read More
December 10, 2015Casey Radley
Spiny Softshell Turtle 3


This week we are highlighting a different species of turtle that is a bit funny looking: the spiny softshell turtle. These turtles are aquatic, but instead of swimming in the ocean like sea turtles, they live in freshwater habitats. Spiny softshell turtles are found in rivers, lakes and streams located south of the Great Lakes Basin through the central and ... Read More
December 3, 2015Casey Radley


This week, we are hearing from Emily, one of our Aquarists who works with sharks! You may be wondering what sharks have to do with sea turtles. Read on to find out. At the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher, I have the opportunity to do many different jobs relating to the maintenance of our exhibits and care for the aquatic ... Read More
November 19, 2015Casey Radley


We know how many sea turtle nests are laid each year and on which beaches. But do you ever wonder how many of those nests were laid by the same mother turtle? Luckily, there are scientists doing research to find out. Sea turtle groups in North Carolina, along with South Carolina and Georgia, are helping scientists collect one unhatched egg ... Read More
November 12, 2015Casey Radley


Two hatchling sea turtles arrived at the Aquarium in August 2014. After a year as animal ambassadors, helping to educate nearly 450,000 visitors (and many of you, as well) about sea turtles, they were released last week in  the Atlantic Ocean. They weren’t the only sea turtles returned to their natural habitat. More than 11 zoos and aquariums from all ... Read More
November 5, 2015Casey Radley


Halloween is here and with it comes lots of candy, costumes, and decorations. Guess what else comes with all of those festive finds? Plastic and waste! Our sea turtle friends in the ocean may not celebrate Halloween, but they certainly feel the effects of it if our trash and waste makes its way into our waterways and ocean. Sea turtles can ... Read More
October 29, 2015Casey Radley