Womble’s Tale

Questions to Think About

  • How did Womble end up at the aquarium?
  • Why did Womble eat the balloon?
  • What sorts of things could you use instead of plastic bags?
  • What could you use to replace balloons as decorations at parties?
  • How could you convince your parents to use less plastic?

Returning Womble to the Ocean

Click here for a lesson plan to go along with Womble's Tale.

What Can You Do?

  • Refuse single use, disposable plastics. Start small- refuse one piece of plastic a day.
  • Say no to straws for your drinks. You can purchase glass or stainless steel straws to take with you.
  • Politely decline a bag for one or two items you can easily carry. Always remember your reusable bag!
  • Don’t accept plastic bags for takeout food.
  • Refuse to use single use cups. Buy a reusable cup and take it with you. Many places will give you a discount for having your own cup.
  • Do a survey of plastic items that you use every day. Keep track for two weeks. What items can you do without?
  • Ready to get serious? Check out how to cut plastics out of your life: Plastic Free Guide
  • Use reusable bags rather than plastic bags.
  • Find ways to use less plastic in your classroom. Get the whole school to participate.
  • Write letters to your local government suggesting ways to eliminate plastic.
  • Write letters to the newspaper explaining the problem and suggesting ways people can use less plastic.
  • Find ways to reuse plastic bottles. Some ideas include bird feeders, decorative flower planters and art projects.
  • Find ways to reuse plastic bags. Some ideas include trash can liners, wet clothing holder, dog walking clean up devices and art projects.
  • Search the web for other, creative ways to reuse a variety of plastics. Here are some examples we like: NC Aquarium FF Pinterest Crafting Page.
  • Recycle any plastic you do use.
  • If you do have plastic bags, take them to the store to be recycled. Many types of plastic bags are recyclable. Learn more here: Plastic Film Recycling
  • Some plastic needs to be recycled in a specific way such as bottle caps. Learn more here: Earth911 Recycle Bottle Caps
  • Start your own recycling program at school!
Clean Up
  • Never release balloons. Pop them and put them in the trash instead.
  • Pick up trash wherever you find it, especially on the beach. Then share that data with scientists studying marine plastics: Marine Debris Study
  • Organize a trash pickup around your school and playground. Remember that plastic bags can blow a long way.
  • Organize or participate in a beach cleanup. One great opportunity is the NC Big Sweep.

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